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Wyman Lancaster


Wyman Lancaster was born and raised in California and worked for many years as a General Building Contractor.  After relocating to Palm Springs, California and creating a business in art installation, while working as the lead art placement coordinator for Colin Fisher Studios, one of the Coachella Valley’s leading art and design galleries, he developed an interest in art.  Studying the works of renowned abstract artists of the 19th and 20th Century, such as Richard Diebenkorn, Franz Kline, Clifford Still, and Lee Krasner, he became excited with the prospect of creating his own works of art. 


As a self-taught artist, Wyman has developed a style of painting that is more refined than naïve and bears the sophistication of many of the artists that have influenced his work.  Since he began painting, his exceptional abstract paintings can be found in a number of private collections and are highly praised by collectors and art lovers alike. 


As an artist, Wyman is never afraid to try anything and everything.  He believes it is often necessary to simply jump in and “let things happen organically”.  This sense of “letting go” is what helps to make his artwork speak for itself, requiring little explanation or appearing contrived.  There is an elegance and sense of serenity about his work and like his personality is neither intimidating or chaotic. 



Artist Statement


“Art is ever-changing as are the tastes of collectors and art lovers alike.  It is for this very reason that I am true to myself and my evolving creative process.” 


Although I primarily paint abstracts, my creative range continues to expand in conjunction with my never-ending exploration of art and creative process.  Although I approach a painting in a minimalist mode, I begin adding dynamic brush strokes and experimenting with layers and the addition of forms and elements that are emphasized by a splash of color against what is otherwise an austere background-often black or varying shades of white and ivory. 


I constantly venture out beyond what I describe as my creative comfort zone to create a challenge for myself.  I don’t ever have a preconceived idea for a painting.  I simply approach a blank canvas, applying what immediately enters my mind and often praying that what appears will at the very least please me, if not reveal a composition that is pleasing and possibly thought-provoking. 


Although I study the works of many artists whom I admire and who have influenced my passion for art, I maintain a very strict sense of myself and my creative process and make it a point to not “copy” or even emulate works by other artists, even in the most minute manner.  I simply cannot paint what someone else has created!


As an artist, I am self-taught, but haven’t really embraced the idea that I am an outsider artist, although I realize this was, at a point in time, a popular way of describing such artists.  I have simply taken it into my own hands to study art and discovering all that I can accomplish as an artist and don’t place much stock in titles or characterizations of myself as an artist.  In the end, my desire is to create works of art that will be both appreciated and wanted. 

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