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A native of Kiev, Russia, artist Taira is highly regarded for her lyrical and highly imaginative metal sculptures and has earned equal praise and the respect of art connoisseurs and critics alike for her amazing mixed media abstract paintings.  She brings a similar sense of grace and power to her paintings.  Her use of strong colors and the texture of gestural forms evoke a passionate response to each work of art.  Her imagination and charisma are clearly exceeded by her amazing talent.


TAIRA’s work is in permanent collections in Canada, France, the United States, and Japan.  Her work has appeared in over 50 exhibitions in the United States, Canada, including shows at the Mira Goddard Gallery in Quebec the Alan Stone Gallery, New York, Emil Leonard Gallery in New York City. 


J&J Harrington (formerly Colin Fisher Studios in Cathedral City, CA is a fine art gallery that is proud to carry most of TAIRA’s new work and has a fine inventory of some older work that is still available for acquisition.



L'Association des Graveurs du Quebec

Atelier Libre Ayot

Canada Art Bank Council

Canadian Graphics Society

C.P.E.- Canadian Painter/ Etcher and Engravers Society

Founder and member of Graphia Studio

Graphic Research Workshop Saidye Bronfman Center

Ontario Society of Artists

Silvermine Artist Guild Member

Societe des Artists Professionals du Quebec

Visual Arts Ontario


Alberta College of Art

Art Bank Canadian Awards Traveling Exhibition

Burnaby Art Gallery, British Columbia

C.P.E. Sterling Trust Award

Juried Show - Susanne Delahunty - Neuberger Museum Juried Show - Hilton Kramer

Juried Show - Carolyn Lanchner - Museum of Modern Art, NY, 1985

Leonhardt Gallery, 1989

Purchase Award Alberta College of Art Silvermine Guild, Herbut Gallery, 1983 Silvermine Guild, Herbut Gallery, 1984

Silvermine - Art of the Northeast, 1986

Stamford Museum Sculpture Award - Juried by Dr. Kentworth Moffet



Alberta College of Art

C.P.E. Sterling Trust Award

Purchase Award Alberta College of Art

Silvermine - Art of the Northeast

Stamford Museum Sculpture Award - Juried by Dr. Kentworth Moffet



Alan Stone Gallery, New York, 1981

Ambassador Gallery, Florida, 1985-1988

Anita Gordon Holindalé Gallery, Florida, 1978-1980

Annette Gallery, Quebec, 1978-1979

L'Air Graphique, Quebec, 1978-1979

L'Art Graphic, Quebec, 1978-1979

Art Bank Canadian Awards Traveling Exhibition, 1979-1980

Art Gallery of Hamilton, Ontario

Art Gallery of Ontario, Summer Circulating Exhibition Adam Scott Collegiate Vocational Institute, Ontario

Barry Public Library, Ontario, 1984

Bramalea Art Gallery, Ontario, 1984

Burnaby Art Gallery, British Columbia

Canadian and European Print Exhibition, Ontario, 1974

Cornwall Art Association, Ontario, 1984

Canadian Printers and Engravers Annual Shows

Canadian Print Makers, Ontario

Fifty Third Annual Toronto - Dominiun Center Exhibition, Ontario

Four Winds Gallery - International Exhibition, Vermont

Galerie Martel, Quebec

H.M.K. Gallery, New York, 1981

Humber College of Applied Arts and Technology, Ontario

Imprint '76 Invitational Show, 1976

La Vitrine Galerie, Quebec, 1978, 1979,1980

London Gallery, Ontario

Look, Ahead Show, British Columbia

L'Exposition Centenaires des Estampes, Musse des Beaux Alts, Quebec

Marlborough (Mira Godard), Quebec, 1978

McMaster University Art Gallery, Ontario

McIntosh gallery, Ontario

Mendal Art Gallery, Saskatoon

Miller King Gallery, Florida, 1977-1978

Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, Graphics Exhibition, Quebec

Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, Quebec, 1976, 1977, 1980

Musee D'Art Contemporain, Quebec, 1980

Musee D'An de Saint Laurant, "Mis En Boite," Quebec, 1981

Musee des Beaux Arts - International Exhibition of Graphics, Quebec

National Council of Women, Ottawa, 1975-1978

Oakville Centennial Alt Gallery, Ontario

Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, Ontario

Orilla Public Library, Ontario

One Hundred and Third Exhibition OKeefe Center, Ontario

Taira Biography
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