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American artist self taught, beginning at three years old.


I'm influenced by nature, botanical structures, music, Art Deco, Art Nouveau, Architecture and the concept of fractals. Working on my paintings upside down and sideways to complete a story.  I spend weeks or even months on a painting, aware of the design aspect but not confined to it. My paintings are the result of years of morphing from ground up, forming my own rules, working with negative/positive spaces which I learned through molding and casting.

Artist statement:

I paint to music with happiness and joy. With a few broad strokes of charcoal on my large canvas using the full swing of my arm, I begin the narrative not knowing what will happen down the road. Using acrylics, concerned only with balance and composition of spaces, creating a design that will talk to me. After weeks of fitting shapes together, choosing and balancing the colors, the painting begins to dance.

All I can hope for is to bring a smile to the viewer and join me in my creative experience. It's a simple but powerful message.

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