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Brian Witlin is a fine artist hailing from Chicago, IL with residence in the San Francisco Bay Area.  

As an accomplished painter, entrepreneur, award-winning designer, and fine artist, he is one of the most versatile creative talents to emerge from Silicon Valley's flourishing creative scene.  

Brian, is classically trained in art, is a prolific product designer holding nearly 10 utility patents, has a M.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Stanford University, and serves as the Chief Executive Officer at Yummly (now a part of Whirlpool Corporation) one of the fastest-growing tech companies in the Bay Area (which tallies his third startup to be acquired by a major corporation).  

He seeks to create masterful pieces that transcend all of the disciplines he has worked in. He leverages design principles from his classical art training, digital tools from his experience as a product and UX designer, and artificial intelligence from his work with predictive algorithms, machine learning, and statistics.  All of these tools define Brian’s unique process translating his final works with oil paint on canvas.    

Brian’s has received commissions from fortune 100 companies, UFC fighters, Olympians, famous musicians, other celebrity personalities, and major universitie

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