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I grew up 40 miles north of New York City.   As a child, I was fascinated by drawings in children's books.   I was encouraged in my artistic efforts when I was quite young by my immediate family and my artist uncle, Fred Maine, who worked as an illustrator in an office in the Empire State Building.  

My first trip to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in Manhattan opened my eyes to what painting could be.  Throughout high school, I was mentored by artist and teacher Herold Witherspoon, to whom I am forever grateful. Because the museums of New York were an easy train ride away, I went often, privileged by this frequent exposure to original works.


After high school, I traveled extensively, which gave me the perspective of cultural and geographical diversity.   I lived in Colorado for 30 years. During this time, I painted local landscapes and large watercolors of the desert landscapes of New Mexico and Arizona. My work was represented by local galleries, and galleries in Durango and Santa Fe.  I received my BFA in painting (Phi Beta Kappa) at CU Boulder, where I studied with color-field artist Gene Matthews, and was influenced by George Woodman’s delightful seminars on art theory.


In 2006, I became enchanted by the Mojave Desert and moved to Joshua Tree.  I renovated an old homestead cabin and added a passive solar studio.  Initially, I was primarily interested in the desert landscape, compelled by the beauty around me. 


In December of 2018-2019 I spent a year in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, drawn by the watery environment when I was seldom more than a few minutes from lovely lakes and beautiful beaches.


Since 2008 I have been exploring my fascination with large abstract work as well as painting the world of our beautiful planet around me.



JJ Harrington Gallery   

68895 Perez Road, Bldg 1, Suite 4, Cathedral City, California,  760-794-8813.  (Palm Springs area)

My work can also be seen in their online gallery:





Selected Exhibitions:  

January 2018                 CANVAS & STEEL - A STROKE OF GENIUS

Two-person show with sculptor Moira Fain 

Colin Fisher Studios, 68929 Perez Road, Suite M, Cathedral City, California,  760-324-7300.  (Greater Palm Springs area)



Colin Fisher Studios, 68929 Perez Road, Suite M, Cathedral City, California,  760-324-7300.  (Greater Palm Springs area)


2015, 2006- 2013 October/November:  Joshua Tree area Open Studio Tour


February 2015, new paintings, THE UPPER DESERT MEETS MODERNISM, 2-person show with sculptor Simi Dabah, Colin Fisher Studios, 68929 Perez Road, Suite M, Cathedral City, California,  760-324-7300.  (Greater Palm Springs area)


June 2013, ABSTRACT CONVERSATIONS, two-person show with sculptor Moira Fain, Metro Gallery, Bakersfield, California


April 2013, solo show:  BETWEEN THE LINES, Colin Fisher Studios, 68929 Perez Road, Suite M, Cathedral City, California,  760-324-7300.  (Greater Palm Springs area)


November 2012:    group show, Boxoffice, Manhattan, NY


February 2012, INNER MAPPINGS: SOUTHEAST BY SOUTHWEST, 2 person show with Atlanta artist Cathryn Miles at Meyer Metro Gallery, Houston, Texas.


September 2011, Small Works Show, Meyer Metro Gallery, Houston, Texas


April 1 - May 31, 2011, From the Desert to the Sea, group show at Metro Gallery, Bakersfield, California


January 2011, group show, Boxoffice, Manhattan, NY


October 1 - November 30. 2010, and February 1-28, 2011, Joshua Tree Art Gallery Group Show, Joshua Tree, California


September 2010, JTAG, Joshua Tree Art Gallery, Opening Season Group Show, Joshua Tree, California


April 2010:  Solo Show, "Heart of Fire,"  Boxoffice, New York, New York


December 2009:  Solo Show, "Images Born in the Mojave,"  True World Gallery, Joshua Tree, California


Ventura Art Festival, November 2009, Best of Show, Painting/Drawing  


May 16-June 28, 2009:    Solo Show "Urban Promise," at Boxoffice Projects, 421 Hudson Street, NYC


May 2008:    Solo Show, 29 Palms Creative Center, 29 Palms, California

March 2008:  Solo Show, High Desert Nature Museum, Yucca Valley, California

December 2007:  Solo Show, "Mojave Paintings," True World Gallery, Joshua Tree, California


September 2007:  Group Show at True World Gallery, Joshua Tree

September 2007:  Southland Invitational Exhibit, curated by Audrey Gillick, 29 Palms Gallery, 29 Palms, California

March 2007:   Solo Show curated by Klaus Wille, Black Canyon Coffee, Yucca Valley, California


 MOVED to Joshua Tree, CA, designed and re-built old homestead cabin, added studio


1996-2005:  Designed and built passive solar mountain homes


1993-1996:  BFA, Painting, the University of Colorado at Boulder

1980-1992:  Represented by:    President Gallery, Santa Fe, New Mexico

                                                Gallery East, Loveland, Colorado

                                                Gallery Ultima, Durango, Colorado

                                                Upper Edge Gallery, Snowmass, Colorado 

During this time I was in numerous solo, invitational, and group shows along the Front Range of Colorado, including Georgetown, Ft. Collins, Greeley, and Denver.



Selected Collections:

Eduardo Braniff, Los Angeles

Brett Barrett Estate Design, Los Angeles, California

Christopher Kennedy Design, Palm Springs, California

Oscar Cuello, New York City

Sarah Habershon, London UK

Peggy Heinz, Yucca Valley, California

Harlan and Frauke Hogue, Pacific Palisades, California

J Crew, NY, NY

Bruce and Meredith Jones, Yucca Valley, California 

Mindy Kaufman, Joshua Tree, California

Michael Rhodes, New York City, and Provincetown, Massachusetts

Robert A.M. Stern, New York, New York

David Stainton, Los Angeles

Larry White, Pioneertown, California

Patricia Webber, Seattle, Washington



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