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Susan Frazier is an incredible American artist known for her expressive surreal art style, influenced by her travels and exposure to different cultures and art styles at an early age.  

Susan received an education in fine arts from Chouinard Art Institute under Emerson Wolfer and the California Institute of the Art as part of the feminist art movement in the 1970s, mentored by Judy Chicago and Mirian Schapiro.

Susan spent much of her life as a tech writer and illustrator, raising a family and pursuing her passion for the arts while in retirement.  Today, she lives in Rancho Mirage, California, where she continues to create stunning and thought-provoking works of art.  

"A simple inspiration can move my brush across each canvas, loosening color that glides with me in a dance-like trance.  Sometimes it's effortless, at other times I struggle with every brush stroke."

Susan often explores themes of nature, identity, and emotion; their dreamlike quality and vivid colors characterize them.  The iconic American artist Georgia O'Keeffe heavily influenced her current artistic style.  She was impressed by the vibrancy of O'Keeffe's colors and the raw emotional power in her paintings.  Most of her painting subjects are in a series of one topic explored on multiple canvases, and the subject chooses the style to paint.  For example,  her Antelope Canyon paintings have various views of a similar Arizona location.  


2023                      JJ Harrington Gallery, Cathedral City, CA

2019-2023          Cathedral City Art Exhibition - Perez Art District

                                Art Council of Palm Springs/DAC/Creating beautiful paintings for all portfolios, see them at

2018                       Here & Now Art Alliance, Idyllwild, CA

2017                       OCCCA "Protest as Art"

2015                       Fine Arts America

2009            ; "BrandX" website sponsor for multiple exhibits in Los Angeles






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