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Michael Schwertfeger Bio

R. Michael Schwertfeger





As a studio artist, R. Michael Schwertfeger draws inspiration from other artists to his own imagination. He sees beauty everywhere and it explodes on to his canvases in dramatic fashion. Michael prefers to use vibrant colors in his paintings which reflects his love for the Coachella Valley and modern art. His first inspiration was Jackson Pollock and while he has developed his own artist’s impressions, he still appreciates the bold and unconventional style of Pollock. Michael found himself emulating Pollock’s abstract designs but with his own style.


Michael was born and raised in Los Angeles. At a very early age he developed a love for art, fashion and design. He visited museums and art galleries every chance he could. His friends were the first to turn to him for help designing and decorating their homes. This lead him into a 25 year career as an Interior Designer. However, he always continued to paint, often for his clients. Michael’s work is in private collections in Texas, Los Angeles, Lake Tahoe, Denver, and Palm Springs.


Michael’s work has been displayed at the Shawn Savage Gallery and was the featured artist in 2 events. In addition to selling his artwork at these events, he was also commissioned to create several custom pieces. The Artist Council sponsored a showing in 2013 at the Saguaro Hotel in Palm Springs. He was one of two artists featured. Since moving to the Coachella Valley, he has sold over 100 pieces of artwork which includes his sculptures.


Michael retired 9 years ago from the largest interior design firm in Ventura County and moved to the Coachella Valley permanently. At that time, he broadened his artistic talents into creating sculptures. His sculptures can be as tall as 9 ft. and his paintings as large as 8ft. x 12 ft.


Michael is a self-taught artist and has never taken any classes to refine his techniques. He has mastered them on his own. He has a variety of styles, so when the muse strikes, he just creates a piece of art!

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